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Your floating room

       Have you ever tried treehouses? a Mongolian yurt in the steppes? a refuge in the mountains? or a tent in the savannah? but you have not tried a floating hut on the Caribbean Sea yet?  Well,  you have found the perfect place! 
      The relaxed atmosphere at El Toucan Loco will allow you to relax and discover the life we ​​have chosen far from the hustle and bustle of the city, near the Indian community of Tierra Oscura, you will live at the slow pace of this quiet place where children go to school by canoe, where fishermen deliver their catch of the day. Just like them, you will move in small boat that we put at your disposal.

Backed by the jungle, you will be captivated by the songs of birds and the sounds of the forest. We will adapt to your pace, whether you prefer to go kayaking along the mangroves where to meet the dolphins, snorkel or just rest. You will end the day watching the sun go down with a cocktail on the terrace while waiting for the meal.

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