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The Restaurant & the Bar

            We propose that you take the meals with us on our house terrace, only a few steps from the lodge, we will make you discover local food revisited with "the french touch".

            We offer continental breakfast included in the room price.

Coffee, tea, chocolate, homemade bread, eggs, pancakes, cereals, coco jam, mango jam, banana jam, lemon cream or cacao cream, smothie or seasonal frut juice.  with extra, ham, cheese.


        For lunch, you will have choice between  wraps, tacos, hot dogs, croque monsieur, mixed salad, omelette... according to the cook inspiration !              12$ excluding drinks 

       The Bar offers refreshements or stronger beverage confortably installed and watching sunset or passing time . Local or foreign beers, cocktails alcohols or rhum, liquors. it remains openend till after diner if you want to enjoy the sweetness of the evening.                                                                                                                          from 2 to 6$


          The dinner is more elaborate and includes fish caught in the archipelago, or meat with a vegetable from the garden or locally grown reworked with tropical spices. The chef's dessert will conclude the meal.                                                       24$ excluding drinks

          We will adapt to your meal times, without having the possibility to cook at any time.


        If you prefer a meatless or fish-free menu or have food allergies, please let us know when you book.



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